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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  November 1, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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that to continue. the weekend is approaching. it is thursday already but it is going to be quiet. taking a look at temperatures. 46 at reagan national. 48 dulles and in the 50's by this afternoon. >> thanks, jackie. 4:30 now. millions of people along the eastern seaboard still without power after super storm sandy. >> a small percentage of them in the area. pepco, literally a couple dozen. they hope to get everybody back online tonight. b.g.e. about 6300 outages in maryland this morning. >> we are seeing small signs of progress in new york and new jersey but still so much work ahead. >> the nation's largest public transit system will begin rolling again this morning, but with limited service. some tunnels and stations remain
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flood and power is still out in much of downtown. but the lights began to turn back on in some areas near wall street. still, subways won't run yet through the city's financial district. mayor bloomberg announced only vehicles with three or more occupants will be allowed to enter manhattan between 6:00 a.m. and midnight. snuge struggling to recover. -- new jersey is struggling to recover. they are working to clear streets clogged by sand and debris. gas leaks and the aparent shortage of gas crews to help shut down ruptured lines. >> where are all of these gas trucks? why can't we get gas trucks down the block? >> president obama toured some of the damage with governor christy. >> he has worked incredibly closely with me. i can't thank him enough m.
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>> what i can promise you is that the federal government will be working as closely as possible with the state and local officials and we will not quit until this is done. >> and then there is halloween. many towns decided to postpone it but some were not deterred. on long island, super heroes and cats were out and in new york city, even with the power out, trick or treaters took to the streets. >> in this part of lower manhattan, the lights are on for the first time since sandy struck. all three major airports will be back online. >> thanks so much. people in our area cleaning up as well from hurricane sandy, continuing that process. trick or treaters walked past falling trees and crews fixing power lines. people concerned about flooding have been keeping an eye on the potomac river. >> it being halloween night, you want to see the sights and all the kids in their costumes but
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coming down here, you to watch out for your vehicle. it will flood quickly. >> in alexandria, people were putting items back in their buildings. >> the aftermath of sandy may help to create some new jobs. >> let's look at linda bell at bloomberg headquarters. good to see you made it back to work. >> yes. millions of people without power including me and many in my neighborhood. the streets are dark. the traffic lights are off. sandy of course long gone. yesterday the new york stock exchange were opened for business for the first time in two days running on backup generators. the two days the nyse was closed was the longest weather-related shutdown since 1880. with homes and other properties damaged in sandy's aftermath demand for construction workers
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and materials is likely to get a boost. especially in the areas of new york and new jersey. chains including starbucks apple bies and boston market may see a boost in sales. the restaurant industry may be hit initially due to closings but sales will eventually pick up as consumers dine out and experience cabin fever. here in new york city, many are turning to starbucks for power and wi-fi. abc is asking a judge to toss out its lawsuit over pink slime. more on that coming later. i hope you guys are ok over there. >> doing just fine. thanks so much. >> glad you're all right. thanks so much. let's check in at the live desk. >> we are following breaking news. we know the university of southern california campus
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remains on lockdown at this hour. in fact, the university just released an alert to students telling them to seek shelter, stay indoors and avoid opening doors for unknown people. the shooting suspect still remains at large. we have learned that several victims, possibly up to four, have been taken to local hospitals in los angeles. witnesses telling the l.a. times this morning that the shooting happened at a party in the center of campus at the tudor campus center which seems to be a student union on campus. the witness is telling the "l.a. times" that there was a party celebrating halloween. it was max capacity inside. at least 100 people inside and outside. gunmen came up and just started shooting and at least they believe four students were shot. looking at the reports, we're hearing one of those students may be in critical condition, but we're trying to get more and more information.
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a lot of stuff coming out on social media now. keeping in touch with the "l.a. times." >> thanks a lot. weps we want to get back to the race for the white house. >> president obama, mitt romney both canceled events following hurricane sandy, but both in for very busy days ahead today. john gonzales to explain how they are making up for the lost time. >> with the race still at a dead heat it resumes today after taking a break for hurricane sandy. the most recent polls show president obama with a slight lead in nine key battleground states. the presidential campaigns are in full swing today. the final sprint to find out who'll run the country for the next four years. president obama surveyed the damage on a 60-mile stredge of the jersey shore. >> we are here for you.
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we will not forget. we will follow up to make sure you get all the help you need until you rebuild. >> in such a tight race, romney couldn't afford to lose another day on the campaign trail, stopping in florida, a must-win state for hip. romney set aside his attacks and took a more subdued tone. the president gets back on track today with stops in wisconsin, nevada and colorado. >> romney will be close to roanoke this morning. 19 million people have voted so far. it appears there have been more early republican votes in colorado. john gonzales, abc 7 news. >> thanks so much, john. it is 4:37 now. we're looking at 45 degrees. >> we're hearing from the mother of anne local teenager who was
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killed while walking to school. what she is
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>> as we have shown you over the past few days, many local residents dealing with property damage from sandy. >> what is covered by insurance and what do you have to pay for? >> we introduce you to a man who
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took us inside his alexandria home to show us what was left of his bedroom. had he stayed in his home, he probably would have been crushed by the tree that crashed into his bedroom. >> it was devastating. i had no clue it was going to be this severe. >> we talked to him today as he secures his ohm. >> crews removed the tree costing him thousands of dollars. he is doing what he is supposed to. >> you have to go out and buy plywood and tarps. keep the receipts because you'll be reimbursed for that. he says in addition to keeping receipts, take pictures of the damage. don't make permanent repairs until you file a claim or talk to your insurance agent. homeowner policies all have hurricane deductibles. those deductibles are based on the percentage of insured value
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of the home, typically between 1% and 5%. >> there is going to be a lot of surprised homeowners when they find out their deductible is $5,000 $8,000 instead of $500 or $1,000. >> at this point, i hope it covers everything. >> he was told it could take up to three days before an agent could estimate the damage. he knows he can't live in his home for a while. he just wants to get back home. >> i would be happy to spend the rest of my life here. >> it is 4:42 now. >> let's check in with jackie once again. >> some of the cloudiness is associated with sandy as well as the moisture and a change in the weather pattern coming up. we're socked in with all of that cloudiness. the temperatures not too bad. the clouds help you out a little
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bit but overall we're on the chilly side. we have 40 at dulles. 30's off to the west. 45 in charlottesville. i want to show you to jet stream pattern. it tells the story of what's happening with our weather. we have a big trough or an area of low pressure that is lingering in this area. this weather pattern is not going to budge so that opens the door for cool, canadian air to filter into our region and keep things unstable. as long as that stays in place, we're doing with to continue to stay relatively cloudy and cool. we're not going to see a big buzz on this for the next seven days. your forecast for today, a mix of shined clouds. there could be a sprinkle or two. a beautiful day and blue skies and then at times gray and dreary.
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tonight partly cloudy and chilly. 32-38. there is your seven-day forecast showing little variation in temperature. let's check on traffic now. good morning jamie. >> good morning. we still have -- very close for the day. 395. if you want to cross the 149 street bridge, lanes are -- 14th street bridge, lanes are open. there are a lot of lights. is it a crash? if you're coming from the district leaving any time soon across the 14th street bridge, this is southbound. no problems on the belt way now trying wrap up the overnight construction at tysons. a reminder again in northeast d.c. closed between third and
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sixth street because of a building fire. >> 4:44 now. students mourning the loss of a classmate from seneca valley high school. christina morris-ward was crossing the street. she wasn't in a crosswalk. they say the driver did have the green light. he stayed there at the scene. >> it was dark and she had on like all black so the car -- maybe they didn't see her. >> what makes christina's death even more surprising, she recently worked on a school project involving teaching children how to cross streets safely. her friends say they will remember her unique fashion sense. her mother told us she wanted to become a pediatrician. >> a man hunt underway for a virginia man wanted for a series of pipe bomb attacks.
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25-year-old lawrence stewart threw a bomb into a room where a detective once rented a room. nobody was hurt. >> rest assured that every investigative law enforcement technique is being utilized to locate and arrest laurence sturebt. -- stewart. >> police say they think he had been planning the attacks for a while and may not be done yet. it is 4:46 now early on this thursday morning. >> much more to come here on "good morning washington". taylor swift's new
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anncr: it's said that aracter is whawe do... when w we think no one is looking. mitt romney: believe that they are victims. anncr: mitt romney thought no one was looking when... he attacked forty-seven percent of americans. his companies shipped jobs overseas. his plan cuts millionaires' taxes, but raises yours. he'll voucherize medicare... and make catastrophic cuts to education. so remember what romney said... and what his plan would do. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message.
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>> good news for virginia
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residents thanks to hurricane sandy. >> the department of motor vehicles says licenses placards and registration which is expired between october 29 and november 8 will be valid until november 9. you shouldn't be ticketed if you fall within that window. >> if you did get a ticket wednesday for a street sweeping violation, you do not have to pay for it. just for this wednesday. they will void those tickets. drivers who received a ticket will not have to contact the department. it could take up to five days for tickets to be removed from your records. it is 4:50. >> coming up, brad pitt getting
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>> welcome back. it is 4:523 now. time for another check of your weather. >> hey, jackie good morning. >> it is great sleeping weather this morning. it is cloudy and cool. i know you probably want to hit the snooze button but don't do it. taking a look at arlington where it is cloudy. temperatures about 43 now. it is 46 now at reagan national. 40 at dulles. 39 in manassas.
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a little chilly there. we have a freeze watch in effect for the shenandoah national park tonight into tomorrow morning where temperatures will get down into the lower 30's so be prepared for the big change and the big cold weather ahead. this pattern will stick around. it will be up to 56 degrees. a lot like yesterday. we'll have period where is it is sunnier and period where is it is cloudyier. no snow. that is good news for this day after halloween. >> we don't want to har that. -- hear that. as get out and about this morning, in virginia new york city problems to report around the belt way. 95. -- no problems to report around the beltway. 395 across the 14th street
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bridge out of the district into virginia. a bit of activity there. there you go. you can see they are still there in that stretch. we'll go also into maryland with the good news around the beltway. our 270 trek no problems between frederick and the beltway. back to you. >> thanks. it is 4:55. the showdown over brad pitt. he is now putting his money where his mouth is. he donated $100,000 for the human rights campaign to support the same-sex marriage initiative in several states including maryland. he said it is unbelievable people's relationships will be put to a vote on election day. one of the district's more unique halloween events will take place. >> the high heel drag race.
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watch the drag queens race down 17th street. the streets will close tonight starting at 6:30. >> halloween in our area was not rescheduled because of sandy. lots of trick or treaters out there. we found some parents in the spirit themselves,ing up in costumes. >> you want to shed a few pounds? why not watch a horror movie. it can burn 100 calories. it lowered appetite, increased metabolism and burned a higher number of calories. that is good news for people that don't want to exercise. >> taylor swift has another hit record on her hands now >> 1.2 million sold the first week. it marks the second biggest sales week ever for a female
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artist. she also sold several itunes records. she she tweeted her thanks to her fans saying i love you a million. actually 2 million. >> we'll have live reports from the red carpet tonight from nashville. >> it will be a lot of fun. coverage you don't want to miss. 4:57 now. >> still ahead we'll continue our coverage of the aftermath of hurricane sandy. the latest on the recovery efforts all up and down the
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